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Husband and Wife Dance to ‘Do You Love Me’ and Internet Can’t Get Enough

Dance routines are some of the most enjoyable things to see on the internet. Nothing in this world appears more enjoyable than dancing or watching others dance. According to studies, seeing others dance might help us relax and boost our mood.

This wonderful dance routine is ideal for those looking for something new and entertaining to watch. The dancers’ exuberant motions and grins will brighten your day. This duo, who has a YouTube channel called Sophie & Thomas, knows what they do best and does it exceptionally well.

This dance sequence to The Contours’ 1962 song, “Do You Love Me,” will have you tapping your legs under the tables and feeling groovy. I sincerely thank the couple for sharing a glimpse into their joyful and lovely lives, as well as an equally great moment, with the entire internet.

They are receiving a lot of affection from the fans. Please leave us a Facebook comment with your thoughts after watching the complete video below!