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A partially blind, starving puppy, found abandoned for the second time, has a happy ending.

A few months ago, a rescue discovered a dog in a distressing condition: after being abandoned, the dog was skeletally thin and huddled under leaves for warmth.

This beautiful dog now has a happy ending.

In November, Ruff Start Rescue, a Minnesota-based group, reported on a devastating recent intake. An 8-year-old puppy was discovered in Hudson, Wisconsin, which is known as “an area notorious for abandoned animals.”

According to their article, the dog was a “skeletal figure,” emaciated due to starvation. He’d been fighting for survival, with only a pile of leaves for warmth and comfort. He was also primarily blind.

It became evident that he had been abandoned. “His snug collar hinted at a heartbreaking possibility: He might have been left in this state intentionally,” Ruff Start Rescue said in a statement.

They later learnt from officials that the dog’s owner had likely abandoned him twice: the same dog had previously been found in a similar manner and nursed back to health, only for the owner to claim him, claiming a friend had misplaced him.

Ruff Start took in the dog, now named Brutus, and placed him in foster care so that he could receive the attention and healing he required. According to the rescuers, Brutus remained resilient despite his ordeal.

“The resilience of animals like Brutus continues to astound us,” they wrote, noting that the dog was “slowly finding his stride” and interacting well with his foster siblings.

In an update, they stated that Brutus had grown six pounds. His cuddly side was also evident: they characterized him as a “true cuddle bug” who is “convinced that laps were made just for him!”

“Brutus is pretty awesome, and with the right environment, he’ll make an incredible addition to a loving home!”

As he regained his strength and recovered from previous traumas, Brutus was placed for adoption, and he quickly drew the attention of a suitable adopter.

A man called Tony told People that when he saw Brutus’ adoption page, “he just melted my heart with those eyes.”

He told the outlet that he had been looking for a new dog since his previous pet died of cancer in 2021. When he noticed that Brutus was vision impaired, he knew it was a sign.

“My last dog, Stella Blue, was diagnosed with progressive retinal atrophy and gradually lost her sight, ultimately going completely blind the last two years of her life,” Tony told People. “Reading that Brutus also had vision issues just added to the package.”

Tony adopted Brutus, and says he has been settling in well and is the “sweetest and most loving dog.” Everyone at the rescue was thrilled Brutus found such a perfect and loving home.

It’s heartbreaking that anyone would abandon such a beautiful and loving dog, but we’re so glad Brutus finally has a loving forever home!